Maharat Magazine reports on freedoms in the Arab World

Journalists in the Arab region face similar challenges like lack of access to information, lack of protection for journalists, attacks, narrow margin of criticizing public figures, independent media viability.

Maharat Magazine” aims at publishing stories highlighting the status of media, journalists, and freedom of expression in the Arab Region.

The first issue covers the status of journalists while covering the recent protests especially in Lebanon, Algeria, and Iraq, and countries going through ongoing conflict, such as Yemen and Libya

With the start of protests, journalists and activists played an important role in covering news and reporting events. They were exposed to risks and attacks without any legal, union, security and judicial protection.

The region recently witnessed many popular movements against corruption and repressive regimes. These protests raised the ceiling of criticizing officials, and put journalists in the frontline. However, this unprecedented rise in the ceiling of criticism is not enshrined in the laws.