Our Goals

Accountability & Education

  • Promote rights of journalists to access information and promote accountability
  • Introduce a model of indepth journalism to facilitate storytelling around key accountability issues
  • Monitor statements and promises of politicians through Factchecking
  • Enhance Information & Media Literacy


Media Development & Viability

  • Safety & Security of Independent Journalists including digital security
  • Supportive Media Ecosystem
  • Media Viability & New Business Models
  • Support Media Startups
  • Innovative Journalistic Skills
  • Curricula Development


Policy & Advocacy

  • Advocate for adoption of new laws supporting FoE and A2I oine & online
  • Strengthen Media Self Regulation
  • Share best models
  • Monitor Violations
  • Engage with International Mechanisms


Engaged Communities

  • Amplify Progressive and Marginalized Voices
  • Increase Women representation in public sphere through eective communication
  • Develop in person and virtual networking opportunities
  • Propose and support initiatives with partners in the region
  • Knowledge Production